Alexander Wilkerson

My name is Alexander Wilkerson I have been trading for 1 year in 8 months! I am a father and husband. I have a one year old son with a baby otw. Trading has changed my life and I couldn’t help but share the knowledge I’ve learned throughout the course of my journey! This is a skill that will set Me as well as everyone else that puts in the time to learn this skill FREE! This is the financial education they fail to give us in the school system! This world isn’t meant for us to be on TOP, however with this skill I noticed we all can be sitting right there in the 1% with everyone else we look up too! My goal here at Forever Wealthy Academy is to teach and educate 100 thousand individuals how to trade successfully in the foreign exchange market! A 7 trillion dollar market!!! Some of this money is ours floating in liquidity that the banks and institutional traders such as chase, Bank of America! They are taking the risk on our money since we won’t risk it and they are living the life it is they want to live! It is 2020 and that has came to an end! It is time for us to adapt to the economical market structure, so we can NOW live the life we want to live! It’s 2020 it’s time for CHANGE, join us here at Forever Wealthy Academy and learn the secrets they keep hidden from us throughout our lives!! Join us now #TimeForGenerationalWealth